A boutique law office in Swan River, Manitoba, with a branch office in The Pas, Manitoba.  We serve the Swan River Valley, The Pas and surrounding areas.  Our preferred areas of practice are: REAL ESTATE, WILLS AND ESTATES, CORPORATE and BUSINESS LAW.

Our website features links and contact information to local real estate agents, insurance brokers, accounting firms, and to the area's municipal offices for your convenience.

Although it was not always known as Oakes Law Office, our practice has a long history in the Swan River Valley. Currently located at 114-5th Ave. N., Swan River, Manitoba, the building now known as Oakes Law Office is a piece of the Valley's history.  Originally built in 1921 to serve as a telephone exchange until it was sold in 1966 to the Town of Swan River who utilized it as a Public Library.  In 1971 the Town of Swan River sold the property to a lawyer, Florence Matthews, who converted the building into what is now the longest running law office in Swan River's history.

Following Florence Matthews' retirement in 1978, Bergthor (Beggie) Palsson, (along with several lawyers over the years) continued to operate a law office in the Valley.  In April of 2013, Beggie acquired his first female partner, Mrs. Laurie A. E. Oakes.  Retirement for Beggie came in spring of 2014 after 36 years of serving the Valley, and Oakes Law Office was born.​ 

In 2019, Oakes Law Office expanded to include a Saturday Branch office in The Pas, MB.

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